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Whole30 day 24

OK, I know I only have 6 days left…but I am seriously thinking about giving this up. I am trying so hard to focus on HOW I feel, but I don’t think I have lost an ounce and may have even gained!!!! When this blog is called MY LOSING JOURNEY it’s hard not to be DISCOURAGED. If it doesn’t help me reach my goals and is only hard for NO REASON, then it is hard to keep going that is for sure!

I just took my measurements as well and it’s not as promising as I had thought either. I may have done it wrong anyways. It’s frustrating, but I think this journey has come to an end for me. Nothing bad has happened as long as those 2 lbs are just hormones or something strange and actually come back off immediately.  I am trying to decide how I will eat now. For me it is SO limited I feel way too restricted, I am not a monotonous person, I like variety in every area of my life.

I will see how things go as I reintroduce some foods and how I feel. I know I feel less bloated, but sure. I think I will try to keep my restricted foods still LIMITED, still try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, and pay attention at least.

So there it is…ta daaaa! I will let you know how it goes!



Whole30 day 21

I can’t believe I only have 9 days left!! So crazy…

I guess I am a little discouraged…of course I wanted to see amazing results by this time and they are not what I want. I have lost 3 maybe inches, maybe? I don’t think I measure them correctly. My weight it ALL over the place…up, down, but mostly staying right where I started with. That is annoying because I have cut out ALL this stuff and it hasn’t made one ounce of difference.

I do feel better I think. It is hard once you adjust to it to tell the difference. Yesterday I forgot and took communion with bread and grape juice, ha. I think it is OK, it is communion for goodness sake..but my stomach did feel weird for a little while after wards.

So, I don’t know what I will do when it is over. Part of me wants to keep going and see what happens, on the other hand I am getting a little bored with it. This weekend was really hard, I wanted pizza so bad or a milkshake. mmmm. So I am here and there. I think I feel better but at the same time I am frustrated by not seeing any results. I did better on weight watchers.

Anyways…that is where I am today…9 days to go…we shall see.

Whole30 day 17

Hey, I am still here…still hanging in…

the weirdest part in the journey now is my disinterest in food. I could take it or leave it, is that unhealthy? Ha. Maybe its more of the love affair with it and constantly thinking of the next time I get to have garlic fries or a hot fudge sundae.

This was my thought this morning..that I have an addiction, an addiction to bad food. So just like an alcoholic avoids alcohol, so I too need to avoid junk food. It’s not about being unbalanced or being realistic or living in moderation. I have to decide that, sure I will have those things sometimes, but probably only when I “have to” and when it is up to me, I choose not to. Because like any addict, I know that my mind is so twisted that if I start I might just keep on. To realize that I will struggle with this my whole life probably.

I am also a realist, and the fact that I feel like this today doesn’t mean I am a Paleo eater for life. I am enjoying this, I don’t find it hard, and it feels good to do something good for my body. I am actually at the point where my coffee is tasting good without the cream!! Are you serious? I’m getting a little tired of cooking, no lie, but I get tired of doing a lot of things in life, like making the bed and washing the dishes. Such is life. Getting through that “time of the month” without chocolate, that is an accomplishment. But honestly, I don’t feel deprived. When I need “a treat” I have fruit or dried fruit, yes I still have it! But it is better I think than having actual chocolate. And to be honest I am still having the occasional diet coke…but I am cooking wholly paleo with the almond meal and coconut milk, etc etc.

Anyways…I am still in there, more than half way through now..which is crazy! 13 days left, at least of round one…oh and I FINALLY lost 2 lbs! Woo!


Whole30 day 14:2 weeks finished!!!

Well I haven’t been writing in this every day because it started getting boring writing my food every day…but I am still in…through another weekend! Yeah!

Yesterday I think I was having a “frustration day” and was mad because I was actually up in weight {which they mentioned might happen} but it made me mad and I felt just mad in general. I think it might be PMS time..ya know? But we got out later in the day and it made me feel much better and I continued to make paleo choices which I am glad about. I am HALF WAY THROUGH! I don’t want to give in now.

I must say I FEEL smaller, even though the scale is saying nothing profound. I of course am going to keep Bethany’s success story of 10lbs in 20 days in my head..I don’t see that being my story because I am on day 14 and only one lb lost..haha I won’t hold on too tight to that. It would be nice..I am going to try to get the work outs in this week which is gonna be a little easier I believe because the days are longer now..horray!!!!

SO proud of myself, I don’t know if that is ok to say…but yep…

Day 8

Breakfast: Rest of the egg cups/Coffee with coconut milk and cinnamon

Lunch: Turkey leftovers in a salad, artichoke hearts, tomato and lemon juice

Snack: Gorilla Bread -so good

DInner: roast, carrots, celery & onion

Been reading the testimony section on the Whole30 and that has been helpful…

time for bed!

Day 6 & 7 The Dreaded Weekend

Day 6 was Sunday and I had plans to go out twice…

the first place I went was Village Inn to catch up with some friends and it was kinda like Denny’s. I had 2 egg whites, bacon, fruit, and tomato slices..and YUM iced sweetner, but it goes down so much easier than coffee. (I am getting better with the coffee thing now, I have realized my real love affair with milk, so odd)

I came back from breakfast hungry again so had some walnuts and then we went to lunch at a place called Garbanzo and I had a chicken salad..the dressing looked a little creamy although I looked it up online before I went…but oh well, what are you going to do???

I don’t think I had an official dinner? I don’t remember now…

Yesterday was my 7th day!!!! a WHOLE WEEK!! YES! For breakfast I tried making Paleo pancakes with almond meal and eggs, but I think my pan is wack so I it was just a pile of yummy mush.

For lunch I had brocolli slaw, egg whites and ground was the recipe in the comments on the Whole30 website. I made a bit, ate half and then had the rest for the afternoon snack.

For dinner I made turkey tenderloins and yams…yum!

Still having nuts and dried is allowed but probably not as much as I am having just helps me get through..something to look forward to.


  • I wake up with no problems
  • I am not feeling as sluggish as last week (am drinking coffee with coconut milk every morning tho)
  • I feel “tighter” so not so bloated I guess.
  • I was dicouraged because I haven’t lost more weight but I have lost an inch off my waist and an inch off my thighs

I looked up how long weight loss would take and I didn’t find that, but found some success stories with it. One lady said she lost 3 dress sizes within the first three weeks but not so many lbs. So that encouraged me. Something about eating so much protein and you muscle retaining it..something. You become more defined with the muscle you already have first maybe? Anyways..that was good to read and remember.

I only took a few measurements this morning but here they are

Hips 44

Waist 37

Bust 38.5

R Thigh 24

Into the 2nd week we go…

This morning I made Gorilla Cake with lots of coconut, it smells so good! Now that I made it through the first weekend (which were my hangups recently) I am feeling much more confident!!


Whole30 Day 5

Ok, still going strong..I haven’t really lost any weight except maybe bloat weight that I was always up and down with anyways so I don’t tend to count. But I want to focus on how I feel and not the scale if possible…??

On day 4 at night I made a banana custard which I don’t think I made right cause it was more like a scramble…which I am so excited about the idea of eggs and fruit together, it is sooo good! Here is a picture of the custard…

I even had one of those for breakfast for day 5!

I went to B&N to read and I got a mint tea. I love my coffee Muy Mucho so this was kinda a let down, but it was ok. I was worried about the soy in the tea so I didn’t drink much of it…

For lunch I made this stir fry with chicken sausage, squash, onions and I added broccoli slaw…

this was the one I made on day 1, but it was pretty much the same thing..yumm!

I had a diet dr pepper yesterday..I don’t know if that is allowed but I was soooo grumpy and dragging so I had one while we were shopping…and sadly I felt better! body is like…give me caffeine!!!

We were supposed to go out to dinner somewhere but Ashton was crying so we went home and Daniel ended up running to Chipotle since I didn’t take any meat out of the freezer. I had salad with double chicken, grilled vegetables, and tomatoes and squeezed lime on top! It was super good!

I probably shouldn’t be eating so much dried fruit, it is almost finished and then I won’t buy it is good! It was a good transition I think from my sugar overload to that..slowly least it was more natural sugar..

I am currently in day 6, almost a week completed…I will get excited when I am 3 weeks almost finished..haha. But have to be here in order to get there!

Going out twice today…will let you know how that goes…

25 days left!!!