Whole30 day 24

OK, I know I only have 6 days left…but I am seriously thinking about giving this up. I am trying so hard to focus on HOW I feel, but I don’t think I have lost an ounce and may have even gained!!!! When this blog is called MY LOSING JOURNEY it’s hard not to be DISCOURAGED. If it doesn’t help me reach my goals and is only hard for NO REASON, then it is hard to keep going that is for sure!

I just took my measurements as well and it’s not as promising as I had thought either. I may have done it wrong anyways. It’s frustrating, but I think this journey has come to an end for me. Nothing bad has happened as long as those 2 lbs are just hormones or something strange and actually come back off immediately.  I am trying to decide how I will eat now. For me it is SO limited I feel way too restricted, I am not a monotonous person, I like variety in every area of my life.

I will see how things go as I reintroduce some foods and how I feel. I know I feel less bloated, but sure. I think I will try to keep my restricted foods still LIMITED, still try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, and pay attention at least.

So there it is…ta daaaa! I will let you know how it goes!



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