Whole30 day 17

Hey, I am still here…still hanging in…

the weirdest part in the journey now is my disinterest in food. I could take it or leave it, is that unhealthy? Ha. Maybe its more of the love affair with it and constantly thinking of the next time I get to have garlic fries or a hot fudge sundae.

This was my thought this morning..that I have an addiction, an addiction to bad food. So just like an alcoholic avoids alcohol, so I too need to avoid junk food. It’s not about being unbalanced or being realistic or living in moderation. I have to decide that, sure I will have those things sometimes, but probably only when I “have to” and when it is up to me, I choose not to. Because like any addict, I know that my mind is so twisted that if I start I might just keep on. To realize that I will struggle with this my whole life probably.

I am also a realist, and the fact that I feel like this today doesn’t mean I am a Paleo eater for life. I am enjoying this, I don’t find it hard, and it feels good to do something good for my body. I am actually at the point where my coffee is tasting good without the cream!! Are you serious? I’m getting a little tired of cooking, no lie, but I get tired of doing a lot of things in life, like making the bed and washing the dishes. Such is life. Getting through that “time of the month” without chocolate, that is an accomplishment. But honestly, I don’t feel deprived. When I need “a treat” I have fruit or dried fruit, yes I still have it! But it is better I think than having actual chocolate. And to be honest I am still having the occasional diet coke…but I am cooking wholly paleo with the almond meal and coconut milk, etc etc.

Anyways…I am still in there, more than half way through now..which is crazy! 13 days left, at least of round one…oh and I FINALLY lost 2 lbs! Woo!



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