Whole30 day 14:2 weeks finished!!!

Well I haven’t been writing in this every day because it started getting boring writing my food every day…but I am still in…through another weekend! Yeah!

Yesterday I think I was having a “frustration day” and was mad because I was actually up in weight {which they mentioned might happen} but it made me mad and I felt just mad in general. I think it might be PMS time..ya know? But we got out later in the day and it made me feel much better and I continued to make paleo choices which I am glad about. I am HALF WAY THROUGH! I don’t want to give in now.

I must say I FEEL smaller, even though the scale is saying nothing profound. I of course am going to keep Bethany’s success story of 10lbs in 20 days in my head..I don’t see that being my story because I am on day 14 and only one lb lost..haha ..so I won’t hold on too tight to that. It would be nice..I am going to try to get the work outs in this week which is gonna be a little easier I believe because the days are longer now..horray!!!!

SO proud of myself, I don’t know if that is ok to say…but yep…


One response to “Whole30 day 14:2 weeks finished!!!

  1. I am proud!! (and .. if it makes you feel better … mine was post baby weight. Is that cheating?)

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