Day 6 & 7 The Dreaded Weekend

Day 6 was Sunday and I had plans to go out twice…

the first place I went was Village Inn to catch up with some friends and it was kinda like Denny’s. I had 2 egg whites, bacon, fruit, and tomato slices..and YUM iced sweetner, but it goes down so much easier than coffee. (I am getting better with the coffee thing now, I have realized my real love affair with milk, so odd)

I came back from breakfast hungry again so had some walnuts and then we went to lunch at a place called Garbanzo and I had a chicken salad..the dressing looked a little creamy although I looked it up online before I went…but oh well, what are you going to do???

I don’t think I had an official dinner? I don’t remember now…

Yesterday was my 7th day!!!! a WHOLE WEEK!! YES! For breakfast I tried making Paleo pancakes with almond meal and eggs, but I think my pan is wack so I it was just a pile of yummy mush.

For lunch I had brocolli slaw, egg whites and ground was the recipe in the comments on the Whole30 website. I made a bit, ate half and then had the rest for the afternoon snack.

For dinner I made turkey tenderloins and yams…yum!

Still having nuts and dried is allowed but probably not as much as I am having just helps me get through..something to look forward to.


  • I wake up with no problems
  • I am not feeling as sluggish as last week (am drinking coffee with coconut milk every morning tho)
  • I feel “tighter” so not so bloated I guess.
  • I was dicouraged because I haven’t lost more weight but I have lost an inch off my waist and an inch off my thighs

I looked up how long weight loss would take and I didn’t find that, but found some success stories with it. One lady said she lost 3 dress sizes within the first three weeks but not so many lbs. So that encouraged me. Something about eating so much protein and you muscle retaining it..something. You become more defined with the muscle you already have first maybe? Anyways..that was good to read and remember.

I only took a few measurements this morning but here they are

Hips 44

Waist 37

Bust 38.5

R Thigh 24

Into the 2nd week we go…

This morning I made Gorilla Cake with lots of coconut, it smells so good! Now that I made it through the first weekend (which were my hangups recently) I am feeling much more confident!!



One response to “Day 6 & 7 The Dreaded Weekend

  1. Hmm… I do think I’m quickly becoming inspired to try this…BUT. I just found organic coffee creamer LAST NIGHT! And to be honest, I’m not sure I’m ready to give it up yet! AH! But the idea of going down a dress size without having to stress out too much about getting workouts in is tempting. I could actually wear my closet full of pre-pregnancy clothes again? What? Good job, Ash. Keep going. You’re doing great!

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