Whole30 Day 5

Ok, still going strong..I haven’t really lost any weight except maybe bloat weight that I was always up and down with anyways so I don’t tend to count. But I want to focus on how I feel and not the scale if possible…??

On day 4 at night I made a banana custard which I don’t think I made right cause it was more like a scramble…which I am so excited about the idea of eggs and fruit together, it is sooo good! Here is a picture of the custard…

I even had one of those for breakfast for day 5!

I went to B&N to read and I got a mint tea. I love my coffee Muy Mucho so this was kinda a let down, but it was ok. I was worried about the soy in the tea so I didn’t drink much of it…

For lunch I made this stir fry with chicken sausage, squash, onions and I added broccoli slaw…

this was the one I made on day 1, but it was pretty much the same thing..yumm!

I had a diet dr pepper yesterday..I don’t know if that is allowed but I was soooo grumpy and dragging so I had one while we were shopping…and sadly I felt better! ha..my body is like…give me caffeine!!!

We were supposed to go out to dinner somewhere but Ashton was crying so we went home and Daniel ended up running to Chipotle since I didn’t take any meat out of the freezer. I had salad with double chicken, grilled vegetables, and tomatoes and squeezed lime on top! It was super good!

I probably shouldn’t be eating so much dried fruit, it is almost finished and then I won’t buy it again..it is good! It was a good transition I think from my sugar overload to that..slowly releasing..at least it was more natural sugar..

I am currently in day 6, almost a week completed…I will get excited when I am 3 weeks almost finished..haha. But have to be here in order to get there!

Going out twice today…will let you know how that goes…

25 days left!!!


2 responses to “Whole30 Day 5

  1. yay! So super excited for you! You are doing great on variety!
    And . .no Dr. Pepper .. 😉
    The energy levels get better in the 2nd week as your body is detoxing. The first week is rough as your body goes through withdrawal. So crazy right?

    Go you! I’m excited to see how this goes for you.

  2. Oh, and you need to keep your fruit at no more than 1 cup a day. So 1/2 a cup for a snack and then if you want a piece of fruit or your banana custard for dessert than that’s the rest of your fruit for the day. Sounds crazy, but this is a high fat, no sugar diet so if you have too much sugar, your body will burn that for energy instead of the fat.

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