Whole30 Day 3&4

Yesterday I woke up with sugar cravings so I had a few pieces of dried fruit… I had the egg cups that I made the morning before with some avocado and tried to go with no coffee and was crashing about noon, so I made a little and had it with coconut milk and drank about half…

For the rest of the day I had the rest of the roast …WHICH I LOVED!! I am so making that again, so yummy and filling! For dinner I had a taco salad type thing with lemon juice for dressing..I even threw in some grilled spinach and strawberries..why not..it was good but I could only eat half, I was too full from my afternoon stew.

Still snacking on nuts and dried fruit in between….

as for today (DAY 4)

I had egg cups again for breakfast

for lunch I made this recipe


Its called Peach and Pecan Scramble…I made mine with mango and walnuts..it sounds so strange but it was super good!

This afternoon I had the rest of my salad, a little steak grilled with spinach and onion and for dinner I am making turkey burgers and am going to have mine on lettuce…

I feel less bloated, I never noticed “bloat” before..but I think I know what that means now..just not as puffy, more my own body..if that makes sense. Right now it is about 4:30 and I am tired, could sleep for sure…I only had a little bit of coffee this morning, so I am going to try and push through without it…

I made my first trip to Whole Foods today, it was jumpin in there. Such a good idea to go there for a meal because they have a whole restaurant set up, I am sure that you could find something on program there! I got some almond meal to make some zuchini muffins and some coconut oil for some other recipes!

So I am 4 days down, can’t believe it honestly…we will see how the weekend goes..25 days to go!!!!


One response to “Whole30 Day 3&4

  1. So glad to have found this… it is so very encouraging to read!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your recipes .. YOU ARE AWESOME!

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