Whole30 day1


So, a friend had an intervention with me…haha not really but she introduced me to this challenge and it happened to be the last day of February when she wrote me and I said, OK I am jumping in. She herself had amazing results on it and didn’t want to do it in the first place, these two things alone give her massive credibility to me for some reason..ha.

You can read all about the challenge by clicking on the button above, but it’s very restricted and really like a detox. I did another detox once in Northern Ireland (remember Britt??) and we did good! I think that was for 2 weeks, this is 30 days..but I am off to Sprouts after Daniel gets home to get some foods.

I have 29 days left, yea! I have a MASSIVE caffeine headache and really want to go to sleep! I drink a cup of coffee every morning with creamer and I did not have any today…you can have coffee but no creamer, milk, sugar, honey, splenda, nada…I don’t drink black coffee…yuck!

There are two reasons health wise that I want to do this.

1) I have started getting concerned that I might have diabetes? I have not been to the doctor and probably won’t for a while but just sometimes my toes will go numb for no reason. This is the only symptom I have, no frequent urinating or the others, but I just thought maybe.

2) I have been wondering for a while if I have a small intolerance for milk, I drink a lot of it and I always seem to feel yucky after wards. On this you can’t have dairy so I am interested if I see a difference.

Well Daniel is home now, off to Sprouts….




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