Week #4 Loser Challenge, Back ON

So here is the blogging challenge for this week:
Why do you think it is so hard sometimes or all the time?
I got off my schedule this week. Daniel took Monday off which was amazing, but it wrecked my workout schedule, we went out to eat Tuesday night, I felt lethargic. Uhh. I can’t just get back on. I figure I have to wait till a new week, why do I do this???
What are you telling yourself about your success or failure?
I feel like it’s too late, oh well! I was trying on clothes this week and …EWW! That was a good thing, a wake up call. But the end seems so far away and for some reason I don’t want to work for it. How can I want something but not want to work for it? It doesn’t make sense to me?! I over think sometimes I think, rather than just taking the step. I need to just schedule it back in and just get it done. Whew.
I am worth changing for….
Thoughts from Geneen Roth:

“At some point – now – it’s a leap of faith. You decide that you’re worthy. You decide to let yourself delight in one thing, one sensation that isn’t taste. You decide to forget the judgment about your body long enough to remember the brilliance that is being alive!!

One response to “Week #4 Loser Challenge, Back ON

  1. hey good job. I think exactly the same. Tonight i thought well i accidentally had some pringles at lunch so i pretty much blew it for today. ANd i always think that its going to take way to long before i lose the weight i want to. ANd i just want to give up. But i know the negative thinking has got to go. Good job, you’re doing great.

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