Week #3 (Behind a week)

I am behind so here are my thoughts quickly on this post…
Blogging Challenge for the week:
  • How are you feeling? About yourself, eating, weight loss?I was feeling great about working out and my eating..I need to remember that!!
  • Have you noticed any changes big or small? I was feeling tighter and more healthy, more in control
  • What are you going to try different this week? (Eating fish once this week, drinking ALL the water, taking a walk..it can be anything) I did eat fish twice and really cut back my calories and worked out 5 times this week.
More thoughts from Geneen Roth:
” Although we might not recognize this reality, being thin can carry a burden of it’s own. For instance, if I feel that when I am thin I mist be vivacious and socially active, and I am a solitary human being by nature, I am not going to want to get thin. I will unconsiously block myself from achieving my goal-even while staying frustrated and impatient that I can’t reach it. It is therefore important for us to be aware of what we believe about being thin, and most especially, what those things are that are important for us to do, that we believe we won’t be able to do when we are thin.”
Complete this list: Being thin means I can’t:
1) be insecure or quiet or afraid
2) have another chocolate bar as long as I live
3) eat out as much as I would like
4)be a health food fanatic
5)have to be OBSESSED with working out
Do you suprise yourself with your completion of these statements? Notice how your weight and size speak for you, how they express who you are and how you feel.
Yeah I don’t want to have to be obsessed, but I know just doing something little for myself is the best for everyone in my life. It’s not obsession, it’s taking care of myself!

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