Biggest Loser Blog Challenge Week 2

So here is the blogging challenge for this week:
  • Write about ONE failure from the week in regards to this, and how you want to change that: One failure last week was not running. It is Tuesday today, I said I would run. I don’t want to, it has been snowing today. I guess I should have my running attire on as soon as Daniel gets home to say..I AM doing this! OK OK OK …
  • Write about TWO successes and how they made you feel: Two success…

1-actually exercising 5 times last week

2-getting back to my posted weight on here..uhh that is a good thing!

I am going to write what I filled in on the book…

Complete the following sentence:
If I didn’t have conflicts about food….
(ex. I would have more energy, my friends would feel threatened by me)
I would… free from the constant worry & obsession about what I am eating.
My life would… peaceful-less clamoring after approval
My friends would…be proud of me, wonder how I did it
My family would…be happy for me
My days would…be filled with more purpose and less worry.
My dreams in life would…happen


Remember that our bodies naturally want to hang on to the extra weight in the winter. IF we can push through a bit during this time I think there will be a break through when spring comes around. There is seasonal depression and it’s hard to not want to hunker down in our homes (my running problem, which is just a walk to the treadmill, but still) and we want to eat carbs and comfort food. Don’t beat yourself up, it is natural. Just think of how we will be one step ahead of our feelings if we can make ourselves do a little bit now.

Keep going, it’s never too late to start or start again!



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One response to “Biggest Loser Blog Challenge Week 2

  1. I’m sure you can tell by my own blog that I am REALLY struggling with the weather issues… pms, the like.

    I assume we’re supposed to make a blog post answering the questions, or do we answer here? Or both? New to this…

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