Biggest Loser Challenge Week 1 over view

Alright ladies…

This is just a quick overview of the week and I will do the blogging challenge later in the week.

This week I made some different decisions.

1-I decided that no matter what, I was choosing to think positivley about myself and what I was doing.

2- I exercised 5 times. Nothing major, just a different video every day. (I did not run like I was planning, between -27 degrees and snow I was anti-leaving the apartment). I will commit to twice this week, Tuesday and Thursday..rain, sleet, or snow.

What these choices did for me…

By thinking different and choosing to do so, I feel like I took my power back. I wasn’t waiting for someone else to believe in me that I could do it, I just was like..I can and I will.

By exercising it changed my self assessment immediately! I felt better about myself and felt strong again.

I watched Oprah this week and they took a challenge to go Vegan for a week. I don’t think I want to do that, but one interesting thing I saw was a girl who was pissed the food was crap. She was a fast food junkie, and she was genuinely pissed about it. The lady told her she was addicted, and of course if you threaten someones addiction and take it away, they are mad. I thought about this and how my friend told me about Candida (still yet to look that up Britt) but I think its about your body being dependant on certain chemicals in foods that make you feel good. I don’t know if I have that, but I think I eat too much fast food and therefore crave it more.

So my challenge to myself is to not eat fast food once between now and the end of this challenge. I am 5 days FF sober right now! ha ha. The only thing that I will allow is pizza, but that is it. I want to see if I feel different.

It’s amazing how your mind controls you. If you are prone to negative thinking, like I am, it’s no wonder its an uphill battle. If I tell myself I am all or nothing, that I can’t do it, that I am in the shadows of so and so, blah blah blah..then I am. If you speak truth to yourself, I am able, I can do this, etc you start to believe that instead.

So this is my other commitment. To speak truth to myself and remember I have arms, legs, a heart, lungs that are healthy…I should be thankful I have the ability to do something about it when so many others can’t. This has been my chosen disability.

Also I want to be more thankful. I have been praying in my prayer journal most days and just spend more time thanking God for things in my life. It just gives you better persepective.

Anyways, these are a few of my thoughts from week one…how bout you?


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