Thoughts on Wednesday

**Special Note**
I really only use this blog very seldom so I don’t have it all decked out like my other blogs or add people to my links. I will try and get you all added at some point. I have had this blog for a while but I never did quite get wordpess..thats why I am over at Blogger.

I wanted to add these pics that my friend took of me on Sunday. I thought it’s always good to really grasp where I am at and I haven’t seen any recent pics of myself. It doesn’t matter because I am doing something about it. Not that they are horrible, but just not where i want to be…I know you all understand that!

These are some pics of where I want to be again…it will be about 30-35 lbs to get there…

My thoughts have been in a better place this week, because I am MAKING them be. Instead of thinking how I messed up that day I am thinking how I can start again tomorrow and do better.

I have done three different workout videos this week about 20-45 min. I hate to get bored by the same things so I am switching things up. I feel my muscles, and this alone, them being sore and tight…makes me feel more self confident even tho I know I don’t look any different. Isn’t that weird?? It really changes your mindset, you forget that until you do it again…

Anyways, thanks all you challengers for your support!!

Go US!


2 responses to “Thoughts on Wednesday

  1. Aww. I thought those pics looked great of you, but I know what you mean. I rarely like how I look in pictures. PS- I got When Food is Love at a thrift store and it’s great. Ill let you borrow it if you want when I’m done. Lots more to think about now 🙂

  2. I seem to carry all of my extra weight in the tummy & saddle bags. I think the tummy area is strongly related to stress… but I don’t know how to get rid of that. GOod luck, and awesome WAY TO GO! on the exercise!

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