Biggest Loser Blog Challenge Week 1

Week One Blog Challenge:
  • This week take a before picture…(you don’t have to post it but it will be nice to have when it’s the OLD you)
  • Take your measurements (sometimes we lose inches instead of weight, so we can measure by more than the scale)
  • Increase your water intake (this is always the number one thing all programs encourage. Ideally we should drink 4, 16 oz water bottles a day. Good for detoxing)
  • Consider keeping a food journal. No matter what eating process you decide to use, we will be more aware of how much and what we are eating if we write things down.
Blog : sometime this week blog about these three things
  • What you want to accomplishI want to lose at least 10 lbs by the end of this three months. I want to FEEL my muscles again, hello muscles, where have you gone?? ha ha I want to feel good about the fact that I am aware, I am trying.
  • Plan of attack.

DIET: Drink MORE water!! Eat consciously, choosing what I honestly think will fuel and is best for my body as often as possible.  Keep a food journal. EXERCISE: I want to do a short work out video Monday, Wed, Friday while my son takes his nap and run at least 3 times for a minimum of 20 minutes after my husband gets home from work.

  • Hang ups. My hangups are how I talk to myself. “If you can’t lost 50 lbs by May then why try at all.” SO I don’t. I defeat myself before I start! I am ALL or NOTHING. I need to change that.
  • When I don’t see immediate results it makes me feel like, whats all the hard work for. Patience pays off! Speak truth always.
  • When I don’t plan for it. So I am going to write this every Sunday night with my plan and intention.
  • Monday:Jillian, Wed Slim in 6, Friday Jillian

Here we go all..!!!


3 responses to “Biggest Loser Blog Challenge Week 1

  1. I watched your video… it was great! I was so encouraged by it.. I believe in both of us.. we can do it! Loved your pics… you have lost weight!! Let’s do this!

  2. We are always our own worst critic (next to our mothers..) Don’t defeat yourself before you start! Take it one day at a time. Say” Self today you will get your butt out there and exercise. And when you are done I will fill you up with water!” 🙂 This will kill two birds with one stone. When you start to get down on yourself just stop and breathe, refocus for a second. It won’t be easy but we will lose weight.

  3. Ok, sometimes things are just meant to be…my sister just joined a gym that allows her to bring a guest every time she comes and guess who she has invited to go (I lost my job 2 years ago and there’s no way I could afford it on my own)…so after we get through all this weather and snow and harsh driving we’ll be going every Monday, Wednesday, Friday to workout. I AM GOING TO LOSE THAT 50 lbs…YIPPEE!!

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