I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I written on this…oops!

I think I had great intentions, but oh well.

Last Saturday I lost a little over a pound so I was at 177. something. I don’t remember exactly and I don’t really feel like getting up to get my book at the moment.

It was good to go into vacation with a loss and I did ok at the start and then found myself frustrated. I just wanted to eat things that were good. I wanted a donut or cinnamon roll for breakfast, not fiber one cereal like I have EVERY week. I am not sure if its ok that I felt that way, and eventually gave in, for the week of vacation, but it happened still. I guess this is part of the journey too, the mess ups. Here is the list of things I ate which I went overboard. I didn’t write them in my food journal so I suppose I am making myself be accountable here.

Skittles, 1 pop tart, like it strawberry blonde mix in ice cream from coldstone with chocolate dipped waffle cone bowl, pizzza, burger king large onion rings, chips, left over ben and jerry’s half baked, panda express chow mein, orange chicken and sweet chili chicken (the new one I forget what its called), a peppermint patty, and I am sure other things here and there….

I know that feeling rewarded, relaxed, treated…I have equated with food…and I feel gypped when I can’t do it. Its deeply seeded in me, thank goodness we can’t afford to go on vacation all that often. I just have to remember that weekends don’t count as vacation either.

Luckily I worked my butt off last week in running and managed to run 38 miles total. 10 on Saturday (my longest ever), 5 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wed, and then 8 on Friday. With all that eating, plus ALL that running…it came out to be that i had gained .6 of a pound. So little over a half, I am still in the 177 mark, but now a bit higher. I guess all that food was worth half a pound, I suppose it better be.

It just goes to show you that you have to eat well when you exercise or it doesn’t really matter. I only lost control for about 2 days…what would have happened if I didn’t care the whole time and didn’t exercise at all..would I have gained 10? I have never weighed or paid much attention when I have had those times so I am not sure. What I do know is that I am 7 pounds away from losing all my baby weight and I have to keep fighting! I am enjoying the running, but the eating is killing me. Mostly because, once again, our groceries are down to nothing and its hard to eat filling foods when all you have is cereal and pbandj.

Anyways, its about that time of month to put up progression photos. I added the ones at the top there to show where I am at now. I am not unhappy with how I look, but it is still obvious I have more to go..which is ok. For some reason I don’t feel like doing my progressions, maybe because this month has flown by and I don’t feel like much has happened..or because I just got off a rotten week. But I will, cause soon this week will be history and hopefully it will be just another bump in the road.

Here’s to another week..fighting on.


2 responses to “Vacation

  1. I’m way inspired by this. 3 weeks post baby (and I know it’s still early … ) I have 20 lbs to lose. I only gained 30. Not really a fan of that and I know that I can’t quite start working out yet, which really bums me out. Thanks for sharing your uncensored journey. I dig it. Mine might be popping up here pretty soon since I’m still wearing maternity clothes. . .

  2. Thanks Bethany..I know just how you feel but I am sure that you will lose it in no time. You are so active anyways! I thought I might as well be real about it, its more motivation that way anyways if people know the truth..even if a bit scary! I hope I see yours too soon!! You will do it!

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