Sorry for the week of non writing…it being the 4th and all I got caught up in the business..

that and maybe the fact I lost only ounces last week..and this week I am the exact same..which I will take since I had a hard week…

this week I did not make the best eating choices, to many things I didn’t know for sure the points and bad cheesy bread sticks and fried ice cream…so lets face it..I deserve to stay the same…

this last week I ran 16 miles total, and am excited again to be able to be pressing towards my goals…

today my mom and I actually ran 8 miles…I didn’t feel pushed though, so I need to run harder, I didn’t feel like it was hard at all…thats a sign I am not working hard enough.

I am trying to embed a map of our run..we shall see how it works..

8 miler
Find more Runs in Apple Valley, California

I am hoping for a loss this week because next week we are leaving for vacation…so we shall see. I am so looking forward to that!!!

This is life, times are good, times are not so good (or easy) and thats why I want to keep it real..I am not perfect at this, just ask the cheesy bread and fried ice cream…but here is to trying again this week. ❤


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