Photo Update **25b lbs LOST total**

Saturday I was at 179 even, which means…I am in the 170’s again!! Yes, that is an awesome thing for me:) It also means only 8 more lbs to go till all my baby weight is gone and that I have lost 25lbs..25.6 to be have to add in the ounces in these journeys!

I was able to run 3-4 times last week so I know that helped, but I am quite surprised by the fact that I did in fact lose again. Its like my body has inched past the little plateau it was at and we are on a good pace at the moment. Just have to keep focused. Last week was another hard eating week for me again as we didn’t have groceries in the house, so this week..having lost a daily point, I need to focus again. I love being stocked up on all the goods and I even tried a new recipe of stuffed bell peppers last week. They were really good, and I don’t like bell peppers. I am making myself try new things to see if I may like them now…so there ya go.

The photos below, as raw as they may be…are my starting photos around February I think and then now. I have the same jeans on and I guess I can see the difference, but its not like those jeans are hanging off me or anything. I told my mom that saying I have lost 25 lbs, it sounds like a lot…but I don’t really see it as such. Most likely because I have not weighed over 200 for a long period of my life, just a few months due to pregnancy, so it feels like once I get all that off is when the real difference will be for me. Thank the Lord I have been able to focus and get to that point however, I am still grateful and want to press on.

I wanted to have all my baby weight gone by Sedona,  its not going to be exactly, but its pretty close, and I have to be happy about that!

This is one with shorts that fit me.


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