Saturday Post -1.4lb

Well believe it or not I have lost another 1.4 this week, I almost can’t believe it has actually happened!

I love it and am a little scared by it all at once.

My weight as of today’s meeting was 180.4, which means only .8 lbs till I have lost 25lbs! Wow! Its like this isn’t me or something?? In the same token by reaching 25lbs lost I will also be back in the 170’s. I can’t tell you what that means to me. The 170’s! I am only 10 lbs away from my pre-baby weight!! Its still 10lbs but it seems so much more doable now that I am so much closer, I am excited for sure.

This week I was putting on clothes that I had just dismissed knowing my puffy body would not fit into, and I was actually thinking..this looks OK on me! I get to take my updated pics soon..on the 21st…and I still have the c-section hang..but I feel like through the pregnancy my “fat” has shifted in a way that I prefer. How odd! I still have the stretched out skin tummy and the stretch marks, but I like the way my stomach looks in clothes better these days…never in a million years would I have thought I would say that.

Another big thing for me is not feeling afraid to get pregnant again anymore. The thought devastated me after having Ashton being over 200 and getting even BIGGER, it scared me. Now that I am 10 lbs away I can let myself think about it again, I still don’t want to be pregnant again till next May..but to get to that place mentally I feel is saying something for myself.

On another note, my  shins feel better, but my knee is killing me and I haven’t even worked out the last three days, are you kidding me? I was totally thinking I would attempt to start running again this week..but I currently have a bag of frozen corn on my here’s to hoping it feels better.

Being so close to the 70’s will motivate me this week, so I hope to have a good one.

PS. Last week my splurge was In-n-out, it was lovely..and today we had Chinese but I wasn’t all too thrilled by it so didn’t eat much…but I do have a nice Snickers bar waiting on standby. haha This is what I love about WW…it is showing me that treats are fine occasionally and in moderation. Its about knowing what you REALLY want and having it from time to time, not every day..but when I BAN things completely I know I sabotage myself.

Anyways, enough for today….hopefully get some new pics this week..maybe there will be a difference this time! ha We shall see???


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