another 1, and set back…

well I was not expecting it at all this week but I was down another pound?! wow! so I am at 181.8..2.8 or a bit more till I am solidly in the 70’s again! Oh my goodness how excited am I?? This is a weight my body knows, its where I have been before..unlike the 200 pluses I had never seen before..thank goodness:)

The reason I didn’t expect a loss this week is cause my workouts had stalled greatly. After Sunday’s 5K my shins were shot, I attempted to run 3 miles on Monday which I cut short to a walk, and Tuesday I tried to job 5 miles…which I did most of it..but probably shouldn’t have..just made things worse I think. I did nothing Wed and Thursday and Friday I went to the gym to do the bike and elliptical to attempt to keep my heart rate up and in good shape while I can’t run. I am so bummed I can’t run, I feel like I was just getting into it..but on a positive note I got some new running shoes so when I do get back at it that will hopefully help them from returning!

So I suppose I got some working out in, but I  have been so starving this week and I went over my extra points and workout points…I couldn’t help it, or if I could I didn’t. Thank goodness I chose good things…

My confession is I have a real hankering for something not so great for me right a Snickers bar or a donut or something along those lines..I have to really figure out what I want so I can get it out of my system…will let you know what the outcome ends up being…

Well here is to hitting the 170’s!!


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