Finally..10% and counting!

Yeah! I finally made it….I got my key chain for losing 10%!  and since joining WW I have lost 21.8 lbs! Woweee! I actually think the scale there was a little generous on Saturday because I lost 2.2 lbs which made me at 182.8. My obvious next big accomplishment will be getting back into the 170’s…I can not believe I am so close!

I do think running had a lot to do with another drop this week. I think I ran nearly 30 miles:) I even ran with Joy on Friday and it was definitely longer than I am used to and up and down some crazy hills, but I made it. That was an accomplishment. Now, unfortunately, my shins are killing me. I have plans to run tomorrow morning, I hope they feel better by then.

I also participated in the “Walk it Challenge” for WW which was a 5k, my first one ever. I ran all but a little bit of it and was the 4th one done…not too bad for a beginner?? It was so hot and my shins were killing me so I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but oh well…that’s life.

So now that I have reached my 10% I have set up new goals, my own marking points as well as my next 5 and 10% of where I am at now!

1- Get in the 170’s

2- 5% 173

3-Reach 170, my starting weight before getting pregnant!

4-10% 164

Ultimate Goal:150

That ultimate goal is still far off…30 lbs away! It took me 4 months to drop the first 20 at about 1.25 lbs a week on average, although I did not lose every week..thats just what it averages out as. I do think it was easier with that weight because it was mostly baby weight…we shall see! Only 13 lbs left of that baby weight…come on come on!

Here is to keeping of the momentum…pressing on…


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