missed by a hair!!

so yesterday I weighed in at WW and when I weighed at home with no clothes on I was 184, bummer I have to wear clothes there..haha. JK! So I am hoping by next week for sure I will have FINALLY reached my 20lbs lost and get my key chain. I think I would have been embarrassed to have that before, but now I am so proud to get it because its been such a long time coming and oh yes, it will be on my keys!  This is what it looks like.There is a lady that goes to the same meeting that we do who started the same day I did last year around April. Obviously I found out I was pregnant the beginning of May so that didn’t last long, ha, but she is still there. To date she has lost 93 lbs! She is such an inspiration to everyone. In fact I used to work with her when I worked at a place called MWB before I did YFC. She trained me, small world. Anyways I believe she stared about 350 something and she is looking great. She would talk in those early meetings about how she hated veggies and thing like that, and yesterday she tells us that she walked 3.4 miles. We are having a WW 5K next week and she is doing it. Its so cool and encouraging to other big ladies there, but even to me. She has talked about her desire to travel and how she was going to get her passport and see Italy, and yesterday she broke down about how her greatest desire was to be a grandmother and she knew her kids wouldn’t trust a 350 lb woman to watch their kids, she wouldn’t trust herself..and that was one of the reasons she wanted to lose it. It was so cool. So encouraging!

In other news: I have decided that I want to train for a marathon. Ok, I will start with a half marathon. I am pretty sure I can run an entire 5 k at this point so I need to find a half to work towards. There is on that goes through Disneyland and Angels stadium but I think it might be full already, bummer:( I talked to my friend Joy..she is 36 and she just started running 2 years ago..she has done so many and I told her..its the poor mans sport. Well as in anyone can buy a pair of shoes and run…now the marathons, gear, shoes, etc are the expensive part! Anyways, on Friday after talking to her I just pushed myself a little to see how far I could go and I jogged nearly 6 miles! I was shocked by myself. There is one path in all the high desert, I am convinced, that has nice sidewalks and goes through a golf coarse and such. I park in the Target parking lot above it and to the very end where the pavement ends and back is 5 miles. I did it yesterday, its crazy. I might go with Joys group eventually, they run 6 miles a day, but I need to work up to it a bit, I am sure they are a bit faster…and where they run is a ways from our house and they do it at 5 am. Only good thing is I dont have to worry about Ashton that way, but hmmm? not sure. I guess to train you have to run about 6 miles a day and then 11 or more on the weekends. I can’t imagine it now but its something to shoot for! I figure this might help the weight loss too, haha, or is that an understatement? Well I certainly hope it will help. Its a good goal to shoot for at the moment. Whether practical with an almost 5 month old, we shall see. Will keep you posted!


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