Monthly progress??

So the one on the left is me now, the right…one month ago…I guess I can see slight differences..not that much tho. I should wear the same thing every time..oh well.

I was actually excited to take the pics to see the differences because I never took my measurement before, but I think the changes will be more significant a few months apart. I have not lost more than maybe a pound at the most in the past two weeks. Last week I worked so hard, this week..I walked every single day but I also must confess that although not much over my weekly points I did eat out about 6 times, that has to make a difference.

I am trying not to get discouraged and just commit to working hard again this week. I really want to see that 184 on the scale and get my 10% key ring, once I am over that than I can press on to 180 and eventually 170..whew I need to stop messing around.

I have been struggling a bit with depression, possibly postpartum? I think my working out is helping it but I am grateful I have been able to stick to it when things pile up. I have been making good choices more out of myself that my will power if that makes sense. Even this morning there are muffins on top of the fridge worth 10 points, I considered it…cut one in half and sat down with my cup of coffee and started nibbling it. It was chocolate chocolate chip…it didn’t taste 5 points good I put it back. These are the little changes I have to celebrate.

Next post I want to talk more about the psychology of weight and weight loss because it has been coming up quite a bit more…

until next time..


One response to “Monthly progress??

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and want to encourage you. You can do this – I did it, and I’ve kept off (most of) the weight for basically 2 years now. You’re doing so well. Just keep plugging along.

    For me, sometimes I just needed to focus on getting through the days…and sometimes it even came down to postponing whatever fattening temptation I was thinking about for just one more HOUR. Or even just one more minute. But the cool thing is, once you get enough hours together, you have a day, and enough days together and you have a week. And then a month. And so it goes. Ultimately, time passes more and more quickly, and pretty soon you’re down another 10 pounds, or even 20, and you’re able to see a huge difference.

    I’m looking forward to watching your continued progress. Great blog, and great work! 🙂

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