Well at WW on Saturday I had lost 3.6lbs! can you believe that! Granted I hadn’t been in two weeks which is three weeks total, but still!! That means I am at 186.4 and have 2lbs exactly to lose till I am at that 20 lb loss mark..which is 10% of my original weight starting..also that means I am 16 lbs till I am at my pre-pregnancy weight! I would still love to lose the rest of that by at least July, we shall see.

So how have I done it, no clue really, except I have walked (ran a little) the past 10 days or so..so thats really worked for me! Sadly its yucky weather out again today, I think I will do a slim-in-6 tonight, maybe. Yesterday I put on a Beth Moore cd on my ipod about delighting in Him, and it was something I really needed to hear anyways..I kinda liked that..maybe Daniel won’t mind if I go again:) We shall see I am very tired today?

Here is a pic of me today in a shirt that I love that fits again in my arms! I decided not to actually wear it because it pulls still a bit too much but so excited that it fit..I also got on a jean dress that I wore to my rehearsal for my wedding…a bit snug but wore it to church yesterday and was even tan from all my walking last week..yeah!


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