Pushing on!

Today the scale said a solid 188, so I am down a lb or lb and half! wooo!

I was really struggling to get back going, not writing everything down in my food journal, which I think is so key for me! But I just sucked it up and started back in.

The good thing is that I have kept moving despite my downward spiral with eating. I walked 6 miles on Friday, probably about 3 on Saturday at the beach and Downtown Disney, took a 3 mile run Sunday and last night..so this is where I am seeing it pay off on the scale..finally! Just have to keep it up. only 4 more lbs till I am at my 10% of my body weight lost and and that is the 20 lbs. Still 18 lbs left till I am pre-baby weight and and 38 lbs from where I ultimately want to be, but its a step in the right direction!

For my birthday I didn’t get the apple I was thinking but I got a dark chocolate bar with toffee that I ate over a few days and at the RoadHouse that night i had 6 oz of steak, a sweet potato and side salad, oh and one of those heavenly rolls. On Saturday when we celebrated my birthday I had a SF Mocha from the Grind, a small shortbread cookie, almonds and FF Saltines, half a tuna salad with avocado and dipped in ranch, and for dinner a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant which I ate 3/4 of and these string fries which I ate 1/2 of with ketchup (I ❤ ketchup too much not to include it as a point) then we went to Coldstone and I had the strawberry blonde mixer in the smallest size and only ate half of it as well. I wanted to have what I REALLY wanted, but I just tried to eat less of it.

It has been difficult because we had to put off grocery shopping  a few days so we literally have nothing in the house, but I am going to go today..so that will help a lot! I would love to even get to 187 by Saturday but I am not going to hold my breath!

On on on!


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