So this is my “Birthday Week” and I am having a hard time. I haven’t exactly thrown caution to the wind, have worked out hard twice, but I am so teetering!

I am floating at 189.5, yep thats the weight..I don’t know why I haven’t been putting it up…its not going to stay at that right? right!

I think what I am doing at the moment is eating the wrong calories and I am simply evening it out and staying the same, which I guess if I am going to have some rough weeks its better to maintain than gain. But I want to see the scale moving downward.

Tomorrow is my actual birthday, I don’t plan on doing anything crazy! The only thing I would really like is a special avalanche apple from the Rocky Mnt Choc Factory and Daniel is taking me to Roadhouse for dinner. I know I am not going to go over and above but I have already had some unhealthy meals this week, so I am not holding my breath for anything spectacular.

Its particularly hard this week as well because we don’t have our groceries restocked and I am way more tired than I normally am for some reason? Maybe from the weekend at women’s retreat? Not sure.

Hopefully next time I write I will be back on track…

remember the LONG term goals, not the momentary struggle!


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