hard time

so I have been having  a hard time the past couple weeks…

I haven’t exactly given in but I contemplate it frequently. My mom got us candy for Easter…bummer…and last Friday my friends boyfriend paid for us all at lunch and bought me CHEESECAKE! I did eat that, I just wanted it…it helped a little cause I seemed to get it out of my system.

My problem is that the past two weekends I have ate things I wasn’t exactly sure about how many points they were and more fattening. I don’t like feeling like I have lost control..my dang personality just says…”oh well, I dont really know so I should just eat anything I want now…” ahhhhhhhh! I have seriously had a mental battle the last couple nights of weather I am going to throw caution to the wind and make a big cookie sundae with ice cream and tons of chocolate syrup..I ate grapes instead. Whew! I still however went over my daily points. It’s been frustrating! I think cause I feel like I have been stuck in these few pounds for the past 3 weeks and obviously having a hard time is not making them move any quicker.

This is a picture of me from this weekend…

So I dont feel horrible about this pic, it is so much better than what I would be had I not been trying to eat better and not exercising  every week…lets say I don’t feel badly about myself as far as this pic goes…but its good to see where I need to be…

Another great accomplishment for this weekend…which I didn’t get a picture of sadly…I got my PRE-PREGNANCY jeans on! Granted they had a bit of fluff hanging over them, but they were on..and were comfortable enough to wear to church on Easter!! wooo hooo! I have been trying them on weekly since abut two weeks after Ashton was born and they were always too small in the legs…so I guess I am losing inches where the weight has not come!

So…we press on…I hope this week gets better:(


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