moving on….

so, things are going pretty well…

I am doing Jillians 30 day Shred and its pretty intense, I am getting at least three days in and I know its helping. I was actually feeling pretty good about my body this morning, which is saying something while I still have a good 20ish pounds before I am actually at a place I feel is semi-normal for me. I am getting into another pair of jeans, woo. They are low-riding however so I am constantly pulling them up…but its one step in the right direction.

I was hoping for a solid 2lb loss this week on the scale but sadly it was only .6, which I guess is a little over a half pound which is better than nothing..but not what I was hoping..i was down this morning however..yeah! Hopefully I can get a whole 2 lbs next weekend?  we shall see? Daniel and I walked for 2 hours yesterday with Ashton so maybe that will help some, I hope to take him out this week as well if the tire holds up on his stroller..

and on we go…


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