week 4 exercise, week 2 of diet

well this is our 4th week of morning gym time…I have gone 5 days a week for three weeks straight. This week that streat will be broken because Daniel and I will be driving to Colorado on Thursday, but I am not going to worry too much about that. I am very proud of myself and am still liking the early morning and getting it over with, its going good. I can see the difference in my body already and this one tight button up shirt I have is a bit loser and doesnt pull as much as it once did!

I am also one week down with being on Weight Watchers. It is suprisingly very balanced and easy, I am really enjoying it and seeing how I can incorparate little treats but how not to over do it. Its ok to have that cheese burger sometimes, like once a week, but not that amongst other bad foods throughout the week. Its about being aware of not over eating but not limiting yourself to only fruits and veg. These are the best options that you can have more of, but the freedom to me is so nice because I tend to say..oh I blew it..and throw away another week or two. I am hoping with the exercise and WW I will see a gradual loss. On Saturday I had lost 3 lbs. Slow and steady and thats fine with me.

All in all I am feeling great about myself and hope to stick strong as the next three weekends are away at fun events, I am going to work hard during the week and save a bit for the possiblity of having to eat outside of the norm.

I am happy with the progress so far! Its not 15 lbs but I am feeling so much better!


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