Positive Progress

well you will be happy to know that I have now finished day 10 of working out in our two weeks of early morning work outs! Yes! I feel pretty great about it and am still enjoying it even after all this time. Even my sisters boyfriend joined the gym this week and met us there at 530 this morning as well. My body is slowly getting used to it and my energy and overall outlook on myself and life is much more positive.

I have not been eating very well however, one step at a time. I restocked on all my good foods but I must admit I had a strong hankerin (haha) for chocolate this week and finished off two bags of m&ms  on different nights, yet still. I need to combine both working out and eating if I really want to do this. With that said, I plan on joining Weight Watchers this Saturday, for real this time. I thought about before but was not keen on going at 730 am on a Saturday morning. This class is at 1030 (much more reasonable if you ask me) and two of my new favorite friends are already going. They are super encouraging and real so it will be nice to be there with them and they have already lost quite a bit!

Overall I am feeling good. Myself and my mom have already been told that people can see a difference already, which is amazing. Mostly I am excited because I feel better, I feel tighter and can tell a difference in my body already. I have not lost a pound, rather have gone up frankly, but if that is still the case after combining it with right eating I will let you know.

Thank goodness for RE determination and support.


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