So we have started this new thing where Daniel and I are meeting my mom at the gym between 545 and 6. Ok when i say we are doing this thing I mean that we have gone two times in the morning. I thought I was going to loath it, but turns out I am rather enjoying it. We did a shorter set of cardio and arms today which gave me more time to get ready before work which was nice. I have more energy but need to watch that I am getting all my water in because I got a massive head ache this afternoon, this is the only thing I could think would have been the cause of that?

I have found just knowing that Daniel and my mom are up and going is enough and I really need that accountability to just get my butt there. There is something about the afternoons that I dont like having to work myself up into wanting to go. This way I dont have to think, I just wake up and I hope we can keep this up.

The goal at the moment Daniel has set for me is 4 days a week at the gym at the minimum…I have done three so far and tomorrow is my day off, we shall see. Daniel thinks if I stick to this that I can lose 15lbs in a month, not sure but I would like to start challenging myself for a change. I really do need to take it one day at a time.

As I have been rethinking my problem with food I realize I coorilate fun with food, but not just any food, BAD food!  On Saturday we went to dinner at a burger type place and I just didnt feel as excited about being there without being able to get fries at least! I didnt and had a lime shrimp skewer and steamed brocolli. It was weird how I told myself I surley would not be full from that, but I was.

I pray the Lord helps me to realize my wrong thinking towards food so I can change this.

and here we go, once again…


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