new workout

So I have agreed to let Daniel train me,he obviously knows a lot about working out as he had to do a lot of it for football in college and he also ran track, so we shall see.

Tonight he joined my gym so he will be working out with my mom and I and trying to kick our butts into shape. I had him right out a work out plan last night so my mom and I did it today at the gym. We are a little bit shakey now! But doesnt that mean that its working? I also did this stepper glider type thing today, tried to do it for 40 minutes, i got to 17 minutes and then wanted to throw up. I think I will pace myself on that one.

Anyways, Daniels prediction is that I can lose 15lbs in a month if i do this consistantly. The minimum is 4 days a week, tomorrow we are going to try to go before work..grrr…we shall see how that works out..I do like the fact that I can go home right after work.

As far as eating just sticking to the healthy options mostly.

Will keep you posted.


One response to “new workout

  1. Sounds good – I find the odd wee walk is good to loosing you up after a couple of sessions… Nothing too big mind you 15 – 20 minutes are so. Great to have you back in the land of the weight loss blog!

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