the truth is….

ahh, I have been avioding this blog as you may have noticed, but I have been constantly running through my head what I was going to say when I did make it back here…here it is…

I have fallen off the weightloss wagon and can’t seem to pull myself back up again…I am highly disappointed in myself. Last week is when it started, a very busy and high stress week when it was easier to grab fast food and I could care less because I was so tired and drained…that led into this week which started with a trip to costco but with the conclusion that I would never consume THAT MUCH fruit before it went bad Daniel ended up with a cart full of frozen yuckiness which in essence calls the name of the one who has not been able to get to the store to replenish the good foods….URG!

The truth is that I HATE HATE HATE that I am such an all or nothing person. I couldnt just have a bad couple days, no, now that I had given in I might as well wait to start back until I am completley commited..that is going to get me NOWHERE FAST! I had to get myself back to this blog to at least admit the truth and ask anyone who comes across this for any tips or encouragement I can squeeze out of you…I really have felt crappy over these days, so lathargic and much more body hasnt seen the gym and just the defeat of it all has made my outlook on life much worse..its amazing how it can effect you in that way.

However, my awareness has been awake…I try to recognize why I am eating at least to put my finger on it. The conclusion above all is that I am lazy and would rather grab something on the go or warm something up in the microwave than take the time I need to to properly nourish my body. This mindset along with the fact that I want to and its good makes for a fat body..that simple. It is a bit like a reward to myself as well, like I am tired, stressed…here have a milkshake self. Rediculous.

I hope I can pop out of this soon and not get sucked back in and have to wait to see another double chin picture of myself before I can kick myself in the rear and get back on track…Help!


3 responses to “the truth is….

  1. I know only to well how running a ground like this feels and I pray that you get sailing again soon. Keep the exercise going and maybe the rest will follow. That sometimes works for me! Look after yourself 😉

  2. 4 weeks later and were are ya at? You been keeping up the exercise? How’s the weight loss going? Are ya parked at the moment?

    If your parked don’t allow it to demotivate you – just focus on something small that will get you going again. Something like taking two walks this incoming week and rule chocolate out. Nothin too dramatic but enought to get the sense that your on the move again!

  3. Update please- about anything!! What positive things have happened, decisions made, etc… in the last month? Love you!!

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