another day, a few more ounces…

this week has been an ok week, not strict in any means…I was craving chocolate last night and had a bag of m&ms and that was bad and GOOD! I think I am moving a bit more because of cheerleading practice and was only able to get to the gym twice this week…but again, its something..Daniel even said he could see more definition in my back last night..which means those pull downs must be helping somewhat!

This morning I was down to 164, not a solid, but it was nice to see…I will have to be extremley strict this week if I am to lose 3 more pounds, but I am not going to freak out about it..this is a really busy week with cheer…so MUCH to do!

Its been nearly a month..which I take great pride in, that I am still going! I started writing on December 29th, so four more days…7 pounds down ..19 more to go to get to 145…boy it sounds forever away..

here we go…


One response to “another day, a few more ounces…

  1. Well whats the news?

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