feeling good…

I am holding at 165 but I am feeling great…you know when you can start feeling in your body that it feels different, more tight, like something is missing…YES! Its a great feeling. I am excited to take my measurements again at the end of next week, they are surley less..which, while the scale may be moving more slowly..losing inches is what makes you look smaller as well as fit in your clothes more comfortably…I am all for that….

I am currently on the up swing and although not full blown about working my butt off at the gym (although I have been twice this week, which is something) I feel like I am getting into “the groove”. Daniel and I went out to eat on Monday and I chose the chicken sandwhich with a side of applesauce. Yeah it may not be my favorite thing at the resteraunt but I was saying in my head, its about the best choice MOST of the time. It can not be the best choice SOMETIMES…I hope my subcounsious is grasping this concept in depth.

Knowing we were going out on Monday night I checked some of our local resteraunts (sit down) and the lowest calorie dishes and made notes in the back of my food journal..also mental notes. Some meals can be way over a full days calories (which I am sure we all know but dont think about when we just WANT it) but ..for example..Olive Garden. The thing I get there most commonly is soup and salad…If you have one bowl of Zuppa toscana (who doesnt love this one??) 2 servings of salad avoiding crutons and one breadstick…it is 920 calories..a bit over what an average meal might need to be…but pretty low on the calorie scale for an out on the town meal. Another one of my favorites is Road House Grill, where I get the Harvester Salad with Lemon Dill Dressing (yumm). But how can you go to Roadhouse without drooling over those suculent rolls…well for my favorite meal there this is the calorie break down….

Harvester Salad – 910, Lemon Dill Dressing (2 tbs) – 130, Roll -110, Honey Butter (1tbs) – 100 for a whopping :1250

Its a sad but true reality, not that I eat at these places weekly, but its good to be aware of…you can count on my consuming these 1250 the next time I am there, however…it is hard to stop with just one roll…they do melt in your mouth….

Anyways, my goal is to simply be more aware..its the times when I dont care and just eat to my hearts content and dont even realize that I could be eating 3000 calories and up per day, which is not going to help in even maintaining weight.

After reading a portion of “Fit Girl for Life”s blog I realized my relationship towards food is much as she described her own, as a source of entertainment. When I am out and about its a luxury or a treat or just sounds fun…very strange but so true.

Well the PRICE IS RIGHT just came on and my friend Eric is on so I have to stop and watch…

till later!


One response to “feeling good…

  1. erinsjourneytofreedom

    Hi You, your honesty has really encouraged me today. I’m really struggling mentally with this whole thing but reading your blog has helped. Where did you get your info on the breakdown of the meals. I would love to have that info too. Love ya, Mom

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