one small victory

a few posts back Pete wrote me this…

“You’ve plateaued as my doc would call it. It’s a natural body response to loss of weight and may last for a few weeks. Don’t give up hope. For me a bad day or twos eating seems to cure it but thats a very risky thing to do and thankfully I’ve only done it once or twice. (More by mistake than intention – but the help was duely noted)”

I would say he was right because I was down to my lowest at 165 this morning, horray! So I am trying to be back on as best I can, I need to get back to drinking all my water, I know it will help. This small victory will kick me back into mode so I can get back to going on…

I checked my old Pure Weight Loss diary from when I lost all the weight the first time..I noticed as I wrote my weight in it was quite similar going up and down day to day nearly for the first month, that was encouraging to be reminded of that it is kind of what my body does. I would like to lose 4 more pounds by the end of this month, we shall see…

I have been thinking a bit about my mind frame towards food, I hope to write more about that soon.

Thanks for the advice Pete, it was a good reminder! I will try not to lose more weight by loading up on the bad things every week, haha..I wish:)

The lifestyle is the goal..and on I go….


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