determination doesnt come easily…

0059this week has not been the best for me…

I mananged to get to the gym twice this week with a goal to go today as well but I was so tired this morning I couldnt make myself get my gym clothes together..maybe I can make something out tomorrow…

in case you were wondering I didnt do Slim in 6 that afternoon and Daniel and I went to Red Robin after the game and I ate French Fries!!! What? but they were good…yesterday I went to Olive Garden with my friends and had the soup and salad..not the worst choice yet still not strictly to my plan and then of all things I also went to Pizza FActory with Daniel after practice last night because we have no food at home at the moment…I also have not been writing much down in my food journal because…well…Im not exactly on plan…but i suppose it would help to track it to see anyways..I got the Antipasto salad last night and had one slice of Daniels pizza. I also have not been getting all my water, especially yesterday and boy have I been thirsty..strange that.

Anyways, I am going grocery shopping this afternoon going to try to get stored back up on all the goods I need to stay on track..will let you know the weight good bad or THE SAME…on Sunday or Monday…urg…Im trying to push on no matter this upsetting week…


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