I’m not gonna lie…

I am annoyed to the max…my weight is hovering at 168 and won’t budge. I am eating under my calories and was even so proud of myself on Sunday for passing on the delicious donuts calling my name…
I can see how easy it is to just give up because its like..ok I eat whatever I want I am at this weight, I eat on a diet and I stay the same..whats the POINT!??? urgh!
I dragged myself to the gym yesterday although I was so tired after cheerleading practice and really couldn’t be bothered! I walked at an incline for 45 minutes, I couldnt make myself run..this tooth ache seems to be draining me. The pain in manageable at this point and I have a dentist appointment next week…but really…
I am trying to hang in there in the hopes it will eventually happen…i need to refocus..now I can tell by writing in this just how long my attention span of focus lasts before I start not caring anymore..its right about 2 weeks..I am thankful for a place to be real about how I am feeling however. I do want to lose this 20 lbs, but sometimes it feels like its more trouble than its worth…
I wasn’t planning on working out at all today seeing as the cheerleaders have a game I have to be at at 5:30 but I think I will attempt to go home and do slim in 6, if nothing else the 30 minute one…maybe if I write it in here i will actually do it, heres hoping…
Will have to relook at my eating and cut something out if this keeps happening to me, I felt like I was doing so well there…boo!

I have this on my desktop at the moment for a reminder….


One response to “I’m not gonna lie…

  1. You’ve plateaued as my doc would call it. It’s a natural body response to loss of weight and may last for a few weeks. Don’t give up hope. For me a bad day or twos eating seems to cure it but thats a very risky thing to do and thankfully I’ve only done it once or twice. (More by mistake than intention – but the help was duely noted)

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