pushing through…

I am still annoyed today, but I will give myself a break as this is only the end of the second week…if I am still in the same place two more weeks from now I will try to paste my ripped out hair to this blog for you…

Just for informations sake I thought I did pretty good at the party last night. I just had one bite of all the things I may have wanted to try an ate as many veggies as I wanted..pretty good concerning the greasy tacitos and peanutbutter fudge sitting around…

In other news, I am in pain once again this weekend..this is seriously the 4th weekend I have had random pains, and I never get sick. Unfortunatley this weekend it is my tooth. Its not a root exposed kind of pain but a slow throbbing in my tooth and the roof of my mouth..that can’t be good. I have dentist “issues” so trying to figure all that out…

and so it continues…


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