OK, so I know I said that I wasn’t going to check the scale every day…but I did again today…and it said 170..are you out of your mind…SCALE! Yesterday I was so excited because I was down again at 166, yes I weighed yesterday as well…I don’t think I gained four pounds over night so..anyways…
I know its just the fluctuations I need to stick to my plan, but its right there in the bathroom every morning.
I have been staying on, didn’t get all my food in yesterday which I thought was ok because I had a Chipotle salad (which is on the program) and split it up for lunch and dinner but it is pretty salty and so I thought it would balance out..apparantly it only makes you gain 4 big ones over night…booo!
Anyways, over all staying on track, have only done 3 workouts this week but plan on getting one in later today or tomorrow to meet that 4 goal. Tonight there is a party so am thinking a bit about that, there will be some sort of vegetable tray no doubt so I may hover there and save the rest of my veggies to munch on tonight…
I felt great yesterday, and overall ok today, I have one sip of water down so far today which is a bit behind seeing as its 12:40 nearly.
Anyways..thats me for now…hasta


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