Todays Foods

Ok here are the foods I have eaten today…
Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal (150 cal), 1 tbs reduced fat peanut butter (90 cal), box of raisins (130 cal)
Snack: Special K Protien Bar (180), 10 carrot sticks (10), LF string cheese (60)
Lunch: 1 cup Harvest Select Soup.(80) blue berries (46.5)
Snack: LF String Cheese (60)
Dinner: 2 Whole Wheat Waffles(180), Lt Maple Syrup (100), 2 scrambled eggs (124), 1/4 cup salsa (5)
Snack: 2 stalks Celery (12), 1 tbs reduced fat peanut butter (90)
(Apple Crisps (39) and 90 calorie Special K bar)
its a total of 1451, the closest Ive been to the 1500 since I began entering them…
I also burned 375 on the treadmill and probably more doing arm circuts, so who knows how that averages out…we shall see if it keeps working..
oh I also got the 64 oz of water in…


One response to “Todays Foods

  1. Hi! Saw your comment on my own blog and thought I’d check in over here. Sounds like you’re doing really well. I reached my goal sometime in September. Now the hard work really begins, which is keeping it off – ha!

    Just keep plugging along. It’s really within your grasp. When you feel tempted, focus on getting through that minute without eating. (For me, when I was really tempted, it DID come down sometimes to literally minutes. I’d tell myself I could go a minute without eating whatever fattening food was tempting me…and I would make it through…and then I’d tell myself to go another minute, until I’d finally overcome that particular temptation. It really worked.)

    It does get easier, too. Good luck! 🙂

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