Biggest Loser Kick Off


So the Biggest Loser started last night, I am not the biggest fan of the show by any means. I have caught an episode or two here and there, mostly because I haven’t had cable for years now. I am hoping to catch this season however, it is motivational if nothing else. You can’t help but look at them and say, hey..if they can do that…I certainly can too!
There is a place on the site that has people who have lost weight from home and their before and after pictures, very inspiring.The Biggest Loser and then Community Link a ways down

They also told the contestants about a device called the Bodybugg…you wear it on your arm and apparantly it calculates all your incoming calories as well as any calories burned. You can download all the information to a website where it tracks it for you, from what I understand. Its a pretty penny..but I would really love one!Body Bugg!

As far as myself, ate one extra starch in the day than I should have but by my rough estimates and gyminee I was still under 1500. I also did the eliptical 45 minutes and leg circuts yesterday, I was so tired last night.

I was thinking about goals and rewards I would like to set for myself, so may write more about that later and also get down what I have eaten today just as a refernce and the approximate calories for each thing.

Back to work…:)


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