Weight today, 168.5

I knew it would probably be back up, but yesterday was a pretty good day considering it was New Years and all.  We watched the marathon on TLC (when the game wasn’t on) of all the morbidly obese people, talk about inspiration, haha. I would not like to be a 1/2 ton and not get out of bed for 10 years, no thank you. Needless to say Daniel and I both dreamed of these heafty people.

I was searching around for different things last night and came across this site ……It can track your progress as far as entering your weight and give you a recommended calorie amount for the amount of weight you are looking to lose. It also has a really helpful nutrional portion where you can type in nearly anything you may have eaten (or are thinking of eating) and it tells you the calories. Then you can click “I ate this” and it adds it to your total calories and shows what your calorie goal for the day is. I entered everything I ate yesterday and I was still under my calorie mark, according to that site? I hate counting calories and looking at the back of all the packages, but with this you can simply type in the food and it does it for you. It even has pictures of the foods by brand sometimes as well as resteraunts. Very helpful. I found that with the foods I am aiming to eat with Pure Weightloss that it naturally reduces you calorie intake, without having to think much about it, which is nice.

I even did another 45 min of Slim in Six yesterday, so that adds up to 4 work outs this week. I may be able to get in another at the gym today after work as well, shall keep you posted.

Thanks to my friends who have already said they are reading this blog. Please keep me accountable as I go along, its almost enough to know you are reading it. So, thanks!



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