Happy New Year!!

Well its 2009…last night we had a crazy time with my parents watching dirty jobs and Daniel fell asleep. We will attempt to calm down next year..we are not the party type, I couldn’t even finish half of my glass of champagne.

The night went ok, ended up eating some Chinese. After not ordering anything my brother got confused and bought me some anyways, so I ate a bit. I know its better to eat more healthy throughout the day but I had not eaten much earlier (not intentionally, just was distracted) so I hoped it wouldn’t have a huge impact. Obviousyl having continual days like these are part of my problem however.

I know the detox drink and all the amount of water must be helping, the scale read 167 this morning. Will let you know what it reads tomorrow and if that sticks. Thats a lot of water weight, but I could feel it making me bloated, so its nice to not feel so tight like that.

I did 45 minutes from the Ramp it Up video from Slim in Six yesterday. I had bought that for before the wedding but when I am not in the mood to drive to the gym when I have the day off I like to do it, its a great all over workout and I can feel tons of muscles.

I also did go grocery shopping yesterday amongst the masses! But I got nearly everything from my list. I really wanted more fruit but man, they had the choice between millions of apples, blue berries, strawberries and bananas..I dont really like apples so I got the latter. Heres a glimpse of the foods I can eat, I love the plan for its variety!





 thought I would include these should anyone need ideas of foods or for myself to look back on to recall what I had bought.

Have a great 2009 all!


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