the last day of the year…

Happy New Years Eve…

I feel ok this morning, my weight is back up to 170..thats ok, it does fluctuate from day to day…and last night my mother-in-law brought pizza over. As I didn’t want to be rude and had not eaten since my workout I was starving and ate two slices. After they left I was still so hungry and I ate some weight control oatmeal.

Yesterday I didn’t eat tons of horrible things but I felt like as I was looking at my food journal that it was quite a bit. Today I am going to the store which should help a lot, stock up on all the good things I need.

I did get to the gym yesterday and did 45 min on the eliptical and 6 leg machines with 3 sets of ten this time. They are sore this morning. I am going to search for my Pure Weightloss food diary this morning to try and get all the things  I need and remember all the options I had when I was doing so well. I never felt very hungry when I was on that, I actually felt like I had to fit some things in we shall see.

To my shock I am putting up these beforepictures. When I am reading other people’s weightloss stories I am so interested in seeing the pictures…so these are for me and anyone who may follow this as a visual update as well. I will try and put more up at the end of January to see what the progress has been. I am also going to add a photo from last Christmas to show where I want to be once again, how annoying…

here we go…









My current measurements are:

Chest: 37″/ Waist: 35″/ Hips: 42″/ Rt Thigh: 25″/ Lft Thigh: 24″/ Right bicep: 13″/ Left bicep: 12.5″

I also found my measurements from when I started on Pure Weightloss they were:

Aug 31 2007:

Bust: 37.5″/ waist: 32″/ Hips: 45″/ Left Thigh 22″

its interesting, either I measure wrong of I am just proportionally changed, which is possible. During that time I was doing lots of “yogalates” which I noticed change my body a lot. Also these other stats were taken by someone else, so who knows? 

I also found some of the food menu plan kits from then and the start up lists, so it will help me shop at least…

Its New Years Eve, Daniel and I don’t really have plans, just may go over to my parents..will let you know how it goes.

last Christmas

last Christmas

This is the photo from last Christmas…

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