day dos

weight this morning was 169…

I knew the first few would be all water, but its encouraging as I start out.  I am working on my second bottle of this detox drink, can I just say its GROSS! but I suck it down just the same.

I found yesterday not unbearable but I just felt hungry, whats the deal with that. I think its your mind playing tricks on you! I think it was that I didn’t have enough protien in the begining of the day. I tried to do the thing that Pete suggested and not eat after 8, but I was still so hungry, or was it that I am just used to snacking? Not sure which..but I can say that I was making frequent trips to the restroom, that was the two pounds I lost most likely, haha.

I went to the gym and jogged on the treadmill for 45 minutes and then did about 6 machines for arms at an attempt at 15 reps and 3 sets each, one ab machine as well. I was wiped for sure, been a while? Lets just say I haven’t slept that good in a long time, it was great!

This morning I can feel all those muscles I used yesterday and I love that feeling of being tight and held in.

My problem is I know what to do, and mostly I can do it, mostly..but then I stop caring, that is the annoying part.

Hopefully tomorrow or later tonight we will go grocery shopping and I will restock on all the good food. We have no veggies in the house and our fruit is limited. I need to make a list. The great thing is that Daniel has agreed to eat what I need to eat in order for me to this, which is so nice of him. Bring on the brocolli!

I am currently hungry but am about to go eat in about 15 minutes, maybe I can suck another quarter of this juice down by then. Going to the gym again after work for a little jog or eliptical with Dr Phil, helps the time go by at least. I am a bit worried for later as Daniels parents are bringing dinner over for us, I will run a bit more for the inevitable tacos coming my way.

Water, water, water….

eww, but helpful

eww, but helpful


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