the begining of the end…

sounds dramatic but I’m not so convinced…

this is the begining of my weightloss blog that I will be posting on to keep myself motivated and accountable by and to track my progress, its so encouraging when you can see where you have come from and where you need to go…

I check people in Northern Ireland’s blogs every now and then to keep up on the “craic” of people’s lives and to help myself feel connected to that place somehow. I had notcied Pete Martin had been mentioning his weight loss on FB so I wandered to his blog and found a link to his weightloss blog and was inspired to do the same. His blog is…

He is much farther along than I, obviously, but time passes just the same.

Since getting married and the holidays rushing in soon after I have been eating anything I wanted as a kind of reward to myself, although I don’t know what sort of reward that is. I keep thinking that as soon as January 1st hits, thats it. But I have been feeling aweful with nothing but garbage going down my throat and with my ever expanding double chin there is no time like the present. So today, December 29th I have begun the journey, once again.
According to the scale this morning I weighed 159, I kicked it knowing that it must have been short a fuse and tried again, 171, thats what I thought.
Last November 2007, I was 172 and that is when my mom and I started Pure Weightloss. We did so great on that program and i was down to 150 by the end of December. Than the dang place had to go and close! It was so helpful having a place to weigh in every few days. Obviously those pounds have started creeping back on and I am determined to get them back off!
One of my main reasons besides to look and feel better and for overall health, is that if I do want to get pregnant in the next couple of years I would rather start out at a normal weight rather that 20-25 over!
My goal is to have lost all this weight by April, my birthday, which is the end of April on the 29th.
I think this is pretty feesable as I would average about 2 pounds a week on pure weightloss and that is giving a generous amount of time I would say.
So this week I have started out with doing a detox drink mix from Arbonne to clear out all the junk as well as drinking my other 32 ounces of water. I was faithful with my 64oz last year, so this will be my first goal to reincorporate back in.
I already have my gym membership so my goal as of now will be to go there at least 3 times a week with a goal of 5 times. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights should time allow (more if possible with 45-60 min of cardio and 30 min of weights)
Thankfully I was very active last year so I hope it won’t take my body much time to remember what it feels like to be thin and pop back down. I will also try and stick to the Pure Weightloss guidliness of three vegetables, three fruits, 1 dairy, one fat, two protiens, and two starches. I hope to find my food book to better go by.
My first priority stop drinking sugary Starbucks drinks and no more fast food!
Shall keep you posted and I hope to ad pics, as devistating as that is!


One response to “the begining of the end…

  1. “My first priority stop drinking sugary Starbucks drinks and no more fast food!”

    In my more committed moments I ban the big bad 4 as my wife and I labelled them.


    1. Crisps
    2. Chips
    3. Chocolate
    4. Ice cream

    Great to see ya blog!

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